How much do you notice nature?

How much time have you spent in nature lately? More than before the pandemic? Less in this lockdown than last time? That’s understandable based on the weather and the lack of daylight hours. How does being in nature make you feel? We seem to know instinctively that it is good for our wellbeing but there is increasing evidence to support this idea.  


A recent report by Miles Richardson and Iain Hamlin explores the relationship between nature and wellbeing, particularly during the pandemic. It confirms what many of us perhaps feel.


The more people spent time in nature and noticed it during the pandemic, the greater their wellbeing. 


But it’s not just about being in nature, it’s about noticing nature.


Connection to nature brings greater benefits than simply spending time in nature. As well as spending time in nature, we need to tune into our surroundings and develop greater nature connectedness if we want to really improve our wellbeing.


So next time you are out walking the dog, or your small people or even just doing errands, take a few moments to really focus on the nature around you. Look harder, listen more and breathe it all in.


Full report: Richardson, M., & Hamlin, I. (2021). Noticing nature, nature connectedness and time in nature: Associations with Human and Nature’s Wellbeing during the Corona Pandemic. 


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